He looks like a Wookie. What do you want? He's big, silvery, smells kinda like warm hair, snarls periodically and you don't wanna mess with him or his axe.


Dewbecca was born, as almost all Wookies are, on the forest planet of Kashyyk to the chief of a small tribe. Though he was only in his mid-thirties (a teen in Wookie years) when the empire invaded at the end of the clone wars, he was already regarded as a fierce and accomplished warrior. During the invasion of his village Dewbecca was holding off several clone troopers when out of the corner of his eye he spotted an imperial commander holding a blaster to the head of his father while he was held down by half a dozen other troopers. In a moment of sheer horror Dewbecca watched as the commander pulled the trigger executing his father in cold blood. Dewbecca flew into a rage and charged the commander, suffering several blaster shots as he focused in on his fathers’ killer but still managing to kill several troopers himself. But the damage was too much and just as he reached the commander he fell to the ground clawing at the commanders boots, his quarry just out of reach. The commander, impressed with the resilience and ferocity of this alien creature ordered him to be placed in a bacta tank and taken to his shuttle.

Dewbecca awoke, still in the bacta tank, and he could see just outside the commander and a Moff talking. He was to become the Moff’s personal slave. Over the course of several years Dewbacca endured numerous indignities at the hands of his master. Eventually though the Moff tired of his Wookie plaything and sold him to an underworld crime boss who, seeing how Dewbacca fought at every turn for his freedom, placed him in an underground pit fighting ring. Though technically illegal according to the laws of the empire, under the moffs purview it was allowed and so on a regular basis Dewbacca had to literally fight for his life and so he would for many years to come.

It wasn’t until a group of enterprising adventures decided to conduct a raid on Dewbacca’s underworld boss that he saw his opportunity to escape. Amidst the chaos his prison door was broken open and he took his chance to once again gain freedom. On his way out he found himself in the boss’s collection chamber. The underworld boss was a collector of many things, some of which of great value. Knowing that the boss had no sense of honor himself Dewbacca took it upon himself to “relieve” him of a couple of treasures.

The only thing remaining was to find a way off planet which was conveniently provided by the current crew who, in the last frantic moments, allowed Dewbacca to climb aboard and escape his life of servitude.


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