A frenetic Jawa who's smaller and more manic than Jawas in general.


Small even for a Jawa, Do’Kee is best known for his boundless energy, limitless curiosity and twisted sense of humor. His practical jokes are infamous and he plays them as though he’s almost tempting the universe to lash out against him. His ability to push his luck and come out on top afterwards is utterly breathtaking. Indeed, if ever there was a sentient being seemingly tailor made to annoy, that being was Do’Kee.

But for all that he’s a royal pain, he is also a good soul. He dearly loves those who’ve earned his friendship and he will always strive to help those in need. Unless of course they’re Stormtroopers – those are for playing with.

When Sassoon the Hutt met up with the little Jawa, it seemed as though the relationship would end in (at the very least) a cold parting of ways, but Do’Kee has surprised Sassoon on repeated, almost continuous occasions with his ability to fix things. Not just in the jury-rigged fashion that Jawas are well known for (there is a reason one doesn’t buy droids from Jawas) but to effect proper repairs that are sometimes better than what existed before. Thus, while Do’Kee continuously drives Sassoon up the wall, the Hutt puts up with the Jawa, and even has a grudging affection for the little fart.


Jawas are at best secretive creatures. Those outside their own close-knit communities are often baffled by the simple process of telling them apart from each other, much less being cognizant of the life stories of any particular Jawa. Do’Kee is no different. Sassoon is the closest thing Do’Kee has to a true friend and even he knows next to nothing about where he came from.

Matters are made even worse by the fact that the Jawa language has trouble coping with explaining a great many things, and Do’Kee’s own attempts to explain his origins and past experiences often yield – at best – murky results.

Medical assessments have noted that Do’Kee is much older than his outward appearance and behavior would at first indicate and that he’s in surprisingly good health despite being that age.

Apart from that the little fellow is a mystery.


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