A silver eyed, thick-bodied Gand of better than average height. Rarely speaks, but when he does it's usually around a mouth full of something or other.


The Gand is a stocky insectoid with a relatively smooth, light brown exoskeleton and dulled silver eyes. He wears a basic breather unit with a built in translator and thick, layered robes that cover everything but his hands and head – robes that have seen a great deal of use and very little in the way of washing and are permeated with a strong ammonia smell.

The Gand refers to himself only in the third person – a sign of either youth or penance for those familiar with Gand culture. He came aboard the Ruby Queen at Mairro’s request, and has proven adept at surviving in and navigating across every type of terrain the team has yet encountered, though he has displayed the unfortunate tendency to try and snack upon almost any type of local flora or fauna. This has occasionally resulted in his normally strong ammonia musk reaching eye-watering potency as he digests the foreign ‘food’.


The Gand is a young Findsman, part of a holy sect of Gand dedicated to seeking and finding that which is lost, who has only recently left his homeworld to seek a life amongst the stars.

More to come as I finish writing it. :)


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