Keffan Subin Mairro

A human of medium height and build with an open, earnest face. He always wears a wide brimmed hat and ancient spectacles.


Mairro is a good looking man with rugged handsomeness and an open, earnest face framed by a prematurely salt and pepper head of hair and beard. A confluence of rare birth conditions left him both myopic and unable to tolerate many of the drugs that would be used to treat his eyes, so he takes to the ancient practice of wearing spectacles to read small print and do really close up work. He’s often easy to pick out in a crowd by looking for his broad, navy blue stetson style hat with a golden braid at its base which he wears almost constantly.

Mairro is even tempered, good humored and gentle by nature. He carries a blaster with open disdain for it and the only thing he regrets more than its possession is its use. Two of his greatest strengths are his ability to talk his way into (or out of) almost anything and an uncanny, cross species ability to make friends and gain the trust of strangers wherever he goes. These two qualities combine to make him a natural leader.

Despite all that has happened in his life, he still retains a love of knowledge and learning. Truth be told he accepted his old mentor and friend’s offer as much for the ability to get back to the field as for keeping priceless treasures out of the hands of a maniacal tyrant.


Keffan Mairro was born in 57 BBY to a working class family whose mother went to work at the famous Kuat Drive Yards every day and whose father was a writer who stayed at home. As an only child, he often found himself in a position of having to provide his own entertainment and soon fell in with a bad crowd. The youth gang he hung around with got into all the illegal stuff, everything from stealing speeders and swoops to dealing black market deathsticks. After having spent most of his formative years in and out of juvenile detention facilities on his home planet, his parents – at their wits end – sent him to live with distant relatives on Alderaan in the hopes that some of the nobility and peace of that storied world would rub off on him.

At first it looked as though Keffan (now almost an adult) wouldn’t change at all, but then one day wandering the back woods while nursing a hangover he stepped into a hole…and fell on top of someone digging it.

His name was Tion Harreg, he was a Cerean who held a Doctorate in Archeology and Ancient Cultural Studies at the University (strangely enough, on Alderaan there was only one, but it was galaxy class in quality and esteem). Mairro had stumbled into a dig that was trying to find evidence of a settlement of the ancient hill peoples, but he knew none of this and was as surprised to find himself in a hole as the Cerean was. After the initial grievances were worked out, the older academic and the younger,aimless man found that they very much liked each other’s company. Over the next year Mairro worked as a dig-hand on site and discovered within himself an almost boundless font of curiosity for the happenings of the past. Harreg in turn found that while he often taught classes of hundreds of students in a formalized setting, of all of his students, he enjoyed teaching the young man who wasn’t in any of his courses most of all. So in the fullness of time, Harreg offered to allow Mairro to use one of his coveted “Usher Slots” (an ancient traditional mechanism whereby tenured Professors could sponsor a handful of students over their careers who would then receive their educations at the University tuition free). Much to his own surprise, the former street hood accepted.

The baccalaureate in Archaeology at the University of Alderaan is one of the toughest in the galaxy, both in terms of academic rigor and the level of field work expected, but Mairro put his head down and applied himself as he had to nothing else in his life. No one had any doubts that he would graduate from the program with flying colors and it was even speculated he might join the faculty himself one day.

And then his Mother died.

She’d been very close to retirement and had been looking forward to doing so with a fat pension but only weeks before that was to happen she was killed in a workplace accident that no one would take responsibility for. To make matters worse, officials at KDY tried to blame the accident on her, a move that would not only bring her memory into disgrace but endanger the survivor benefits Mairro’s father would need to help make ends meet with his wife gone. Keffan Mairro had never really been anyone’s idea of a good son, but he loved both his parents and was filled with outrage when he’d been apprised of the situation in its totality. He explained himself as best he could to his mentor and friend before he dropped out of the program and set about to clear his mother’s name. Archaeology is in several respects a very distant cousin to forensics and after spending months appealing to a legal system on Kuat that was reluctant to anger one of the biggest job providers in the system he was finally granted status as a special investigator.and permitted to examine the physical evidence of the accident site along with what little video footage he could get his hands on. Eventually he was able to determine that there was no way his mother could have caused the accident that killed her but he also discovered who had actually done so. But after having put the situation right, Mairro now found himself well out of his young adulthood without any credentials or formal skills.

But it would seem the Galaxy wasn’t quite finished with him yet. Because while he may have done his best to forget the University and Tion Harreg, the Cerean had not forgotten about him. When another of Harreg’s prize pupils went over to work for the Empire, the sheer magnitude of what she had in mind shocked Harreg to the core. He had to stop her somehow, and so he reached out to the only person he knew would be skilled enough to take her on…

Keffan Subin Mairro

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