Kit'alo'nuruodo (Talon)

"Boom, Headshot"


An Indigo-skinned Chiss. Tall and well built. He has blood red eyes that seem to glow at all times. He has a beard/goatee combo that shows that his hair is pitch black. He has a major scar on the right side of his face from an event that happened a long time ago.


Born on the frigid world of Csilla, Kit’alo’nuruodo was born to two dignified Chiss politicians. They both were powerful in their chosen portfolios and were highly respected due to this. Talon had a lavish lifestyle until the age of ten, when the worst experience of his life happened.
Talon watched as the house he lived in exploded while his parents were at home. He needed to know who did this, he had to know why this happened so he set out on his own to find training which he did in every possible “hive of scum and villainy” that he came across. After many years of training Talon had finally found the responsible party and avenged his parents death, afterwards he decided to take his talents and skills out into the universe and make some credits. After traveling with many different starships Talon felt like he needed to “settle down” and that’s when he heard about The Ruby Queen …

Kit'alo'nuruodo (Talon)

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