Major Sansa Tikkanen

A striking woman of medium height and average build. She exudes an easy arrogance often belied by bouts of impatience or temper.


A beautiful woman in her mid thirties with an average but fit physique, long chestnut hair and piercing blue-green eyes. She is a perfectionist constantly obsessing about details and particulars who expects everyone around her to be of the same mindset. Thus when they fail her (which inevitably happens when one is dealing with nearly obsessive perfectionists) her mind interprets this failure not as the simple frailty and foible that imperfect beings are often prone to, but rather outright defiance and betrayal.

It is this same borderline obsessive meticulousness which makes Tikkanen such an effective field archaeologist and rocketed her to the top of her class at the University of Alderaan’s Archaeology Program and continues to serve her well as she in turn serves the Empire.


Born in 49 BBY to the well known and respected Coruscanti Tikkanen political dynasty, she grew up well aware that whatever she chose to do with her life, great things would be expected of her. She also came to the early realization that due to several inherent personality traits she wasn’t suited to a life in retail politics. She was impatient, took the shortcomings of others (in deed or personality) as personal slights and very much disliked having to speak to those she considered beneath her.

Her father, (a former Republic Navy Officer who’d served with distinction which he parlayed into a successful career in the Senate) spotted this lack of suitability for politics in his daughter at an early age and urged her to make her mark somewhere else. Young Sansa needed no extensive urging to do so, politics held no interest for her. Instead, she came to enjoy the academic life, particularly as it pertained to studying the Galactic past. After testing the waters of purely historical study, she found that she preferred a more hands on approach and so gravitated towards archaeology. Hearing that the University of Alderaan had an excellent program for that field, her father saw to it that she was enrolled.

Early on in the undergraduate program she attracted and maintained the attention of Professor Tion Harreg who took her under his wing and saw to it that she was offered every opportunity of study he could find for her. Under this mentor her talent was brought even more starkly to the fore and, much like Keffan Mairro before her, there were those in the Departmental faculty who speculated that Tikkanen could become a professor in her own right.

But when the Republic was wrenched from the hands of the people by a man who turned it into an Empire it sent shock-waves out across the galaxy. Nothing could be left untouched in the face of such an occurrence. Tikkanen’s father (who’d long been a full- throated supporter of Palpatine even before he became the Republic’s Chancellor) was given one of the supremely coveted Moff positions, beating out hundreds of other candidates for Moff-ship of the Japrael Sector (an Inner RIm Sector that includes worlds such as Onderon).

But while her father suddenly rocketed into political power, Sansa found herself at loose ends. One of the first things Palpatine did was severely slash funding to the Galactically accredited universities, which meant that all programs had to be severely cut back – and the Archaeology Department was among the first on the chopping block. This meant that she would have to scrounge about for funding as many of her contemporaries did and failing that, she’d have to simply publish full time and perhaps shudder teach.

That simply wasn’t on. So she called her Father with a bold plan. One centered around the idea that ultimately she didn’t care who actually owned artifacts and treasures, so long as she was permitted to obtain and study them. In many ways she likened herself to a big game hunter and items of antiquity were her prey. Once she had taken them down she had no further use for them, but why not offer them up to someone who perhaps did?

She begged an audience with the Emperor and was granted one. The Emperor expected to experience a momentary diversion from running a galaxy when she came before him. What he got was a hard sell – and it worked. Tikkanen told the Emperor that from a political standpoint, treasures of a cultural, historical and/or religious significance posed a potential risk to the Emperor’s rule. Possessing them would assist in keeping subject worlds and perhaps entire peoples in line simply by denying them the ancient touchstones they once had to rally around. She also hinted that it was rumored some of these treasures had abilities that hadn’t been fully explained or cataloged – it was best that such exploration be done in a proper military facility where as few people as possible could be hurt, was it not? More to the point, in such facilities, if it was discovered these items indeed possessed power, then it would not fall into the hands of subversives and enemies of the New Order.

The Emperor wasn’t entirely moved by young Tikkanen’s logic, but he was impressed by her naked ambition, so he decided to conduct a little experiment. He granted her a mandate, a commission, troops and a ship. He then told her to go forth and fulfill her mandate – and she has been acutely aware ever since that he is indeed watching her very closely, and a great deal rests upon her ability to deliver…

Major Sansa Tikkanen

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