Nilon Agon

A nonchalant looking fellow of medium height and muscular build with messy blond hair a scruffy beard, light brown eyes and a ready smile. He always has a blaster at hand and walks into any place as though he owns it.


While Agon gives the outward appearance of being easy going, his reflexes operate on a hair trigger. From an early age he chose to make his living at a profession that doesn’t forgive mistakes. The fact that after all this time not only is he still alive but is prosperous and runs his own crew should give pause to any who might at first be tempted to dismiss him as some sort of hick. His mind is as sharp as his skill with a blaster to be sure.


Little is known about Nilon Agon. No one is even sure if that’s his real name. He’s believed to have been the child of a couple who ran high value freight through sector blockades for the Hutts, but failed them one time too many and suffered the rather abrupt consequences for doing so.

Set adrift in a cruel galaxy, Agon made his way as best he could. Biting, clawing and scratching for everything he had. Making marks and taking scores. Somewhere along the line he stopped subsisting and began to prosper. But rather than fatten up and become indolent, he decided that the true path to prosperity was to have a whole company of hired blasters and bashers and other assorted specialists – because after all, many hands made light work.

Up until recently this plan has borne sweet fruit, but he just took a job for the Empire that’s become awfully complicated in a way that can end in catastrophe if certain mistakes aren’t righted – and fast…

Nilon Agon

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