Sassoon Desilijic Kallanh

An emaciated Hutt with dark coloration and almost useless arms who wears a number of cybernetic implants including an array of mechanical arms of various sizes and shapes.


Sassoon stands in stark contrast with his fellow Hutts. Whereas they are enormous and corpulent, he is emaciated by comparison. While other Hutts prefer to stay in one place, he is almost never sessile, always doing something, always moving around. Where his fellow Hutts can often be seen gorging themselves on delicacies from around the galaxy, Sassoon barely eats anything at all, preferring instead an endless supply of sweetened cold tea. Whereas other Hutts prefer to have servants carry everything they need around with them, Sassoon appears almost as though a tool shed has gotten up and started walking, festooned with cybernetic industrial armatures and waldoes of every conceivable size and shape and carrying additional gear besides.


When Sassoon was just a hatchling, he was stricken with a disease so dreaded among the Hutts it literally has no name. When scientists do research on it, they are enjoined from referring to it as anything but “X”. No one speaks openly of this disease (at least not in front of the Hutts) and every Hutt Parent and Clan Leader fears it.

While the disease itself is nameless, it’s effects are clearly identifiable. “X” manifests itself in victims with what – for humanoid children – would be referred to as failure to thrive. Those stricken with this affliction usually go deaf in at least one ear and often blind in at least one eye. Their arms and hands, while not the most dexterous to begin with never develop properly, leaving them unable to accomplish even the most simple tasks. Worst of all, those afflicted with this disease will never gain the immense bulk that serves as one of the most recognizable status symbols in Hutt society. They literally cannot gain weight past a certain point.

Most of the time, hatchlings who contract this ailment are identified early and “given to the Gods”, which is an ominous euphemism for being left to die from exposure to the elements or the depredations of wild animals, and that was certainly meant to be Sassoon’s fate. Son of one of the most notorious members of the Desilijic Clan, Sasson’s contraction of the disease without a name was doubly shaming to his parents and the Clan both and his gift to the Gods could not have been more swift or final. And yet, his story was not to end there.

A passerby happened to hear this stricken Hutt baby’s piteous cries which were growing weaker by the minute and rescued the poor thing from the trash heap upon which it had been jettisoned on the outskirts of Anchorhead on Tatooine. That passerby was a much younger Tion Harreg who was doing field work in furtherance of his undergraduate degree. So moved by the Hutt child’s plight that he spent quite a bit of his allocation of the family’s resources on medical treatment and cybernetic augmentation to ensure that Sassoon could function in the galaxy as a completely independent person in his own wright. These augmentations allowed Sassoon not only to survive but to prosper as a much sought after independent starship mechanic specializing in stock light freighters.

When Professor Harreg needed someone to wrench on the Ruby Queen, his first choice was very clear – Sassoon (and that odd little fellow who follows him around) was the Hutt for the job, and on the basis of his respect, gratitude and affection for the old Cerean academic alone the answer to the request was yes.

Sassoon Desilijic Kallanh

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