Vani Kyros

A slim dark haired girl of average height with laughter in her eyes and mischief in her smiles.


Though young by the standards of many worlds, she is a very competent pilot and not the least shy about saying so. While she’s friendly enough with her fellow crew, Vani is not big on answering personal questions, such as about the tattoo on her chest, or at least not with any consistency to her stories. It seems she’d much rather tell outrageous tales about her and her family’s adventures wandering the spaceways as independent traders.


Vani claims to have been born on her family’s ship during a hyperspace jump and thus has the very energies of space in her blood. She also claims that she comes from the best pilots in the galaxy, or anywhere outside it for that matter. The Kyros Clan.

Though she has never been to the Core worlds she is eager to see them and anyplace interesting in the Outer Rim that she hasn’t already been. Which according to her are most of them.

She says she can pilot any vehicle anywhere and is willing to prove it. At the least she has a quick tongue and even quicker reflexes, backed up by a small blaster and her wits. Vani isn’t afraid to get into trouble, and seems equally at home in port as on board ship. And if she seems to be very familiar with certain shadowports and a bit wary around the Hutt mechanic, well, everyone has their secrets, right?

Vani Kyros

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