A round looking statuette shaped like a giant, dark egg carved with the face of a Jawa


Anyone displaying the Chuk-Chuk openly can upgrade any Charm or Coercion Checks made against Jawas by one.


Nobody’s sure which of the Jawa Clans first created the Chuk-Chuk, and nobody knows why they did it. All anybody knows is two things.

First, anyone who holds the Chuk-Chuk can all but outright command nearby Jawas, most will obey literally without question.

Second, anyone who holds the Chuk-Chuk is pretty much guaranteed to be a target of Jawas trying to steal the Chuk-Chuk. Over the centuries, hundreds of owners have taken possession of this fetish, only to lose it shortly afterwards. Art collectors have purchased it at auction only to find it gone, sometimes mere hours later, stolen by nobody knows whom.

Most people who know anything about the Chuk-Chuk know to avoid it like the plague unless they want to be hip deep in Jawa Clan politics and victims of constant smash and grab raids by the little buggers.


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