The Ark Sphere

A metallic sphere about the size of a grapefruit dotted with points of colored light all over.


The device has no game mechanic per se. It’s purpose in game is wholly narrative in scope. The Ark Sphere contains a full, correct and perfect DNA map of a male and female Kumumgah – a species that died out thousands of years ago because of the predations of the Infinite Empire. If the information carried by the Ark Sphere was ever turned over to skilled cloners such as the Kaminoans or the Spaarti they could easily use the maps to re-create the Kumumgah, which is probably why the information was stored here in the first place.


The Ark Sphere was created and programmed by the last of the “pureblood” Kumumgah on Tatooine. Cut off from the rest of their people by the Infinite Empire and doomed to live on a world reduced to glass by orbital bombardment, these people watched in horror as their children started to be born with mutations. Once they realized what was happening to them, they put every piece of genetic information on themselves they could find into the sphere’s memory and locked it away in an archive where it would await the opportunity to repopulate the species. But that opportunity never came.

The Ark Sphere

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