The Galactic Constitution (Pre-Ruusan)

A huge book bound in the finest leather and encased in gold embossed alloy studded with numerous gems


An enormous codex style tome (analogous in physical magnitude to a pulpit edition bible in our world) containing over three thousand pages of meticulously handwritten Aurabesh. The book is bound in alloy filament woven poly-leather and the pages are a sort of synthetic onion skin, weathered appreciably with age but not damaged in any significant fashion.

The book is further encased in (and anchored to) a case of extremely durable alloy embossed and filigreed with gold and studded with several different varieties of gemstone. This cover isn’t locked but it can be, though no lock is found with the tome at the time of its re-discovery and one would have to be custom made for the item.


The Constitution invested executive powers in the General Ministry and Galactic Senate, legislative powers in the Galactic Senate, and judicial powers in the Supreme Court and the Regional Courts. It placed the Republic’s capital at Coruscant, set its official language as Old Galactic Standard (later Galactic Basic Standard), and made its official currency the Galactic Credit Standard. It made the President of the Senate (later Supreme Chancellor) Head of State and Head of Government and the Minister of Defense Commander-in-Chief. The Senate was granted the authority to levy a military and to regulate trade. The Constitution had strict provisions against persecution of one’s personal beliefs.

Two notable clauses of the Constitution were the Rights of Sentience and Contemplanys Hermi. The first provided the rights all citizens in the Republic were entitled to, and included the formal outlawing of slavery; the second allowed for the Corellian system to enact temporary autonomy in exchange for withdrawal from the Senate. The Coruscant Accords, possibly part of the Constitution, determined guidelines for Republic membership.

The Galactic Constitution (Pre-Ruusan)

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