A competent, friendly, helpful R2 unit that loves to look at itself in reflective surfaces


When Vani Kyros went looking for an astromech droid to help fly the Diamond Jack in her stead she unwittingly chose one whose brain hadn’t been living in its body for that long. Indeed R2-G3M’s original brain had malfunctioned off the assembly line and the one it’s currently carrying was a hasty replacement – it was also what is commonly referred to as a Friday Job.

Normally once an R2 series droid’s brain has been activated inside a body it’s never moved. It’s just easier that way, there’s less need for heuristic adjustment and so forth. Unfortunately when Gem’s brain was first activated it was in a blue accented body. Then all of a sudden it was removed and placed in what was known as an “Aesthetic Prestige Chassis”, of iridescent green – which to Gem was the most beautiful thing it had ever seen.

And so, now when Gem’s not trying earnestly and often to be helpful to Vani, she’s trying to catch a glimpse of herself in this or that reflective surface. Do, Re and Mi have all noticed this, and while as of yet they’ve taken no true notice, R2 units can sometimes become terrible practical jokers against other droids…



Star Wars, Tales of the Ruby Queen Corradus