Salem Balthazaros

Political Navigator


Hired for his knowledge of politics both in the Outer Rim and in the core systems, Salem is a capable of navigator of Outer RIm society, and the perils that lie within. He knows who’s who, who wants what(which is usually everything), and how to communicate without firing a blaster(or when to use one if necessary). If you want to walk out of a Hutt’s court chambers with your lives and possessions intact, or find out who to talk to to get things done, Salem is your guide. Politician being his previous occupancy, Salem keeps his wits about him, always taking in a situation before approaching. Most of his political career was spent helping with trade negotiations along the Hydian Way trade route.

Starting to approach middle age, his dark brown beard hides his thin face, but his piercing eyes shine through. You would call him an average human in almost every way physically, and has a knack for blending into the background.

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Salem may have a good knowledge of the Outer Rim, but he is a relative newcomer to its inner workings. Educated on Corescant, he decided the war was something to avoid. He left Coruscant 4 years ago and moved to the Celanoa system to help with trade negotiations with places like Mandalore and Corporate Space.

he quickly became a valued Independent asset to various governments, helping them to draft policies and find trade partners for them. This was rewarding, but it was apparent to him that the public life was not for him. he found it difficult to maintain professional relationships, and was often called “a stern but tough negotiator.” His inability to be open to anyone would sometimes lead to him being caught in white lies or telling outlandish stories about himself, as he hated talking about himself to anyone he didn’t completely trust (which was no one). he always seemed like he was trying to be friendly, but it came across as standoffish. he got by on his hard work, but no one believed him about anything outside of talking about work. Something had to change.

He never felt that his work was justly rewarded or that he was advancing, and soon took to searching the holonet for jobs that required his talents. He soon came in contact, through a strange set of circumstances, with Keffan, and thus he began a great adventure to foil the Empire.

Salem Balthazaros

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