Tobbi Beviin

"Let's have a drink? Don't mind if I do"


Tall dark and mildly handsome. A love of the bars and the people that go with them. A blaster in one hand and a datapad in the other.


Tobbi’s past is a mystery to people. He doesn’t talk much about it. On rare occasions where his mood darkens he lets slip “My blood runs in no living thing.”

He is a Human of Mandalorian descent, but his Basic has a Coruscant accent to it.

He is highly intelligent, and capable of filling in for many of the positions on the ship. However Tobbi maintains the computers that run the ship and helps with the research for their missions.

He drinks a lot, but handles it like one who has been doing so for a while.

He is of even temper and gentle disposition. But the blaster at his side and vibroblade in it’s sheath are not for show. Some times things need to be done. He shows both the Warrior and Philosopher side of the heritage.

He shows a particular disdain for the Empire. Not an uncommon trait in these times. But then again…

Tobbi Beviin

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