The Kava-anh-Kyr Navigation System

The Kava-anh-Kyr is a series of graphic abstractions designed by the Kyros Clan to meld complex astrogational mathematics with the sentient capacity towards pattern recognition and hyper-agency detection. It was hoped that this combination would allow the Kyros to be more efficient stellar navigators and if studied hard enough to eventually allow individual Clan members to store complete hyperspace jumps in their heads without the need for complex navigational computers or astromech droids. In many ways, this navigation system is the next evolutionary step to a process that began with intelligent beings treating the stars as dots and then connecting them to form constellations.


To the untrained eye, the abstractions (known as “Zayeka” to the Kyros) look like little more than stylized glyphs and are often mistaken for some sort of written language, but they are a great deal more than that. Whereas standard navigational computations, if turned into hard copy would cover enough pages to line a Star Destroyer’s hangar bay, a full hyperspace jump between two points can be communicated through just nine (and always nine, no more, no less) Zayeka.

Part of the reason behind this is that unlike most other methods of hyperdrive jump computation which feeds every single piece of possible raw data into an equation (which makes it almost essential to have a navicomputer on hand to gather all that raw data) cold, the Zayeka are only part of the equation, the rest comes from a partially memorized, partially intuitive understanding of the raw data kept in the heads of the Kyros themselves. Indeed, while most outsides mistake their distinctive tattoos, called “Tazakh-yeh” for little more than aesthetic adornment or at best crude communication they are in fact important keys to successfully utilizing the Zayeka. They act almost as factsheets or crib notes, helping the Clan member to both “proof” her own equations and assist her in solving them in case her memory isn’t as tight as it should be.

Properly making use of this system takes decades of hard study and even harder practice. Most Kyros who teach the Kava-anh-Kyr won’t release an apprentice until they’ve proven they can use what they’ve been taught to make at least a hundred jumps before they certify them as Wanderers (the formal name given to journeyman of the system). Also, since absorbing the methods and processes of the Kava-anh-Kyr requires a mind with the utmost capacity for expanded thought and logical/conceptual elasticity, most Masters won’t even try and teach a student once he or she has passed a certain age, believing that their minds just couldn’t adapt properly and thus would lead only to disaster.

The Kava-anh-Kyr Navigation System

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