The Kyros Clan

The Kyros Clan are an independent (Human) people with no known home planet who operate mostly in the Outer Rim as traders, smugglers and even the occasional pirate. They have a ship based culture broken into small family units and an aversion to outsiders meddling in their business. Many of them are pilots and they do have a reputation as some of the best pilots and astrogators in the galaxy.

Their reputation at the shadowports is mixed; among themselves one’s word is golden but to outsiders that isn’t always the case. When pushed, their loyalties are almost always strongest towards their own. If a Kyros respects you then all is well, if not, then you should be careful in your dealings with them. This attitude has, of course, made them some powerful enemies; such as the Chiss and at least one Hutt.

Kyros tend towards compact builds and pale skin tones but otherwise are as variable as any human population. The only truly identifying mark is the Kyros tattoo, a simple geometric design usually found somewhere on their torso.

The kyros are not organized criminals, they are Fringers doing whatever they need to survive. Each ship is a family and they work together to survive and prosper. Most families have at least one specialty, be it trading, smuggling, con games or even piracy. It is not unheard of for a family to go from trading to smuggling to piracy if the times get hard enough.

When Kyros are around 16 years old they take a ritual test conducted by the senior elder available and if they pass they are considered an adult and receive the tattoo that marks them as such. If they do not pass they are then treated as a child until they take and pass the test. Most pass on the first try. If one is adopted into the Kyros you will be treated by them as a child until you take and successfully pass the test yourself.

The Kyros Clan

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